Why 2FA?

How to Set-up 2FA

Step-by-step instructions for enabling two-factor authentication: 

  1. Load your browser. We recommend using Microsoft Edge but any will do (i.e. Chrome, Firefox).
  2. Go to www.office.com
  3. Click on Sign In button on the home page
  4. When prompted to login you may need to Select School or Work Account
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter your password
  7. A message stating “More information is required” will be displayed:

    2FA More Information Is Required

  8. The next page may appear giving you options to download the Authenticator or a different method.  It is best to use the Authenticator.

    Keep Your Account Secure Microsoft Authenticator

  9. Download the Microsoft Authenticator Application from the App Store or Google Play onto your phone. This is necessary for you to complete step 10.
    1.  Go to the app store
    2. Download the free Microsoft Authenticator App                                        
    3. Be sure to allow access to your camera.

      2FA phone Allow Access To Camera

    4. Be sure to allow Notifications

      2FA Phone Allow Notifications

    5. Skip all intro screens of the app until you arrive at the Main Screen that displays, “Ready to add your first account?”  There will be a blue button labeled, “Add account.” We will use that later in this process.

      2fa phone displaying Ready to add your first account

  10. The next page may also appear on your computer as you progress through the steps. Click next.

    Keep Your Account Secure second screen Microsoft Authenticator

  11. The following screen appears when it is time to add your account to the Authenticator Application. Scan the QR code.

  12. Click Next
    1. You will be prompted to approve the sign in request on your phone.
    2. Select Approve

      2FA Phone Approve Sign in

  13. You will then be prompted to setup your phone number as a backup in case the app does not work.

    2FA Phone Allow Notifications

  14. Enter your phone number and press Next
  15. You will receive a text with a message similar to this example:
    1. Use verification code 304736
      YourCompanyName authentication.

      2FA Phone Text Code For Login

  16. Enter the code from the text you received (in this example it would be 304736)

    2FA_Enter Text Code

  17. At this point you should be setup for 2FA

Signing in with 2FA

  1. When you login to your account the next time from a browser you will be prompted for your username and password. Once you enter these the following screen will appear:

    2FA Approve Sign In Request

  2. You may see a notification of a sign in request on your phone. If so, click on it to launch the Authenticator App.
  3. If you don’t see a notification, launch the Authenticator App and click on Approve as shown here.

    2FA Phone Approve Sign in

  4. You will then be securely logged into your account.


  • If you ever receive a verification request for your login on your phone, but you did not just try to login, then press Deny
  • Next step is to change your password on your Microsoft 365 account since someone may have used discovered and used your current password.

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