Tropical Storm Idalia

Network People has been tracking hurricane Idalia and based on the latest update we are issuing the following recommendations:

Storm Track Update:

We are officially in a Hurricane warning state.

The track and latest rate of advance shows the storm is moving more North and West from the previous track and passing our latitude on the night of the 29th-30th, making landfall at 7am Wednesday and passing to the Atlantic coast.

Earliest reasonable expectation of Tropical storm conditions is around Noon on Tuesday, with the most likely arrival of tropical storm conditions at 8pm Tuesday.

Pinellas County and Hillsborough County project to have a 30% or below chance of hurricane force winds in the next 120 hours.

What to expect:

  • Network People will be stopping onsite tickets at 12 noon on Tuesday and resuming onsite tickets on Thursday—unless storm damage is prevents us.
  • Based on hurricane probability we recommend NOT shutting down servers. If you want to shut down your servers please send a notice to

Note: Please do not move computers or unplug computers to protect them from storm damage.

There is good logic for this recommendation: Preparing for a possible storm by moving all computers means every team member is 100% down. It’s time consuming.  In addition, we’ve had clients do this in the past and their computers broke in the process.  (Computers can be temperamental 😊.)  The storm may pass without any damage but if you move computers, you’re guaranteed downtime and we want to avoid that. Insurance is the right way to manage this risk, not moving hardware.

We recommend you print off a copy of your insurance policy and any other digital documents you may need (patient schedules, appointments, contact lists, etc.) in the case of being unable to access power or internet.

If you’ve had any recent changes in your emergency contact info it’s a good idea to send that to us.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (727) 446-4564.

Here are a few links to help keep you updated during the storm:

Bay News 9

Mike’s Weather Page… (

Pinellas County Surge Forecast Tool

National Hurricane Center 


Security Warning: 

In addition to keeping yourself and others safe, be alert for receiving texts and emails from scammers at this time. Go to main sources for storm updates – do not click on links sent to you by phone numbers that you don’t know. 

Stay safe!