What is an SLA?

Service Level Agreement (SLA): The promise we’ve made to our clients in our agreement to get the work done in a certain amount of time based on the priority of the service request.

Note: SLA’s apply to CO-Managed Agreements, Managed Agreements, and WFH agreement’s. 

SLA Priorities 
Server or Network Down – 15 min (Response) / 4 hr (Solve)
High Priority
Computer or AV down – 1 hr (Response) / 6 hr (Solve)
Tier 1
Workstation issue or Printer down- 1 hr (Response) / 32 hr (Solve)
After Hours
4hr (Response) / 16 hr (Solve)


We offer additional services not covered under an agreement. We call this OOSA (Out of scope of the agreement) 

We provide after hours services as well. This time is defined as Mon-Fri 5pm to 12am & Sat-Sun 7am-12am.

Level 1 OOSA Rate $99 Agreement Discount Rate $95 After Hours Rate $219

Any work done on windows computers or printers or peripheral that does NOT require a network cable. (i.e. replace/repair hardware, reload system, load SW from disks, fix errors)

Level 2 OOSA Rate $135 Agreement Discount Rate $125 After Hours Rate $219

Any Work done on network. (i.e. server, switching, cable plant, network closet, network dependent software, network storage, enterprise backup, network printing, IP Phones, network trouble-shooting, software no longer supported by manufacturer, desktop backup)

Level 3 OOSA Rate $155 Agreement Discount Rate $145 After Hours Rate $219

Any work done on mission critical devices. (i.e.) terminal servers, server databases, firewalls, routers, SQL, Exchange, CRM, CME, Telco, bandwidth issues, Network discovery/analysis, engineering solution)

CISO Rate $250 After Hours Rate: $300

Any security work done outside of the scope of an agreement. Can include management of security issues, security remediation and potential breaches. 

Incident Response Rate $300 After Hours Rate: $400

Any security work responding to an incident that has been verified or unverified as an attack. Includes management of security issues and security remediation of security breaches. 

Consulting Rate $250 $200 (10 hour retainer minimum) After Hours: n/a

Any consulting work requested by the client to improve internal processes, management, or high level business processes and procedures.