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When you see the word “security,” what comes to mind? Hackers? Thieves? Alarms? Your first thought may be how to keep targeted attacks away from your valuable data. The problem of securing your data is even more complex than keeping cybercrime out.

Network People will arm you with powerful ways to protect your digital assets. Our security plan does not rely on one single tool or process. It is a layered approach of many tactics—a package tailored for each of our clients.

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“In one quarter we performed 27 risk assessments for organizations in the Tampa Bay area. 100% of those organizations had at least one breach where someone had access from the outside.”

- Nate Freeman, President


There is no way to completely secure the computer system for your home or organization. We hear organizations say, “We’ve got it covered.” Sony, Home Depot, Target and other corporations get hacked. Even the Pentagon gets hacked hundreds of times. How could the average person or organization “have it covered”?

These are our criteria for a secure computer system:

  • Confidentiality – The right people have access to the right information, and the wrong people do not.
  • Integrity – Information is not corrupted or damaged when you get it.
  • Availability – When you need the information, it is there.


This triangle illustrates the balanced design we recommend for your security needs and the essentials of your computer system. We can meet the unique requirements of your situation.

We can recommend how tight to make your system and still keep it usable and available with the features you need. For example, as you add features to your computer system, you will naturally pull away from security. Taken to the extreme, you would be far more secure if you did not access the Internet and removed that feature entirely! But the Internet is essential. When you add features like wireless access for customers, then it pulls away from security and ease of use. So you must balance that feature with intelligent security, while still keeping it easy to use.


We can help you with practical information about targeted attacks and random events. For example, when we detect excessive or unusual network use, it may indicate a targeted attack. We educate not only the leaders of the organization but also the staff—so they understand what they can do to help the organization be more secure.


When it comes down to it, having a Risk Assessment is like getting a second opinion from your doctor. Our assessments come in 3 different degrees:

  • Vulnerability Test — A cursory review of the technical and physical network to discover security issues that would leave your organization exposed to a threat or at risk of a catastrophic loss.
  • Risk Assessment — A study of the administrative, technical and physical aspects of an organization’s technology to determine critical threats. It includes interviews with key people and a review of systems and policies in place, in order to evaluate whether they have done what they need to do to prevent a disaster.
  • Penetration “Pen Test” with Risk Assessment — An exhaustive, detailed test of the security of the organization, using both technical and social aspects to determine the overall security of the organization. It also includes the features of the Risk Assessment.