Security Training

Your best assets are also your greatest security risk. Human error is the main cause of data and security breaches.* We offer security training tailored to the security threats and risks your employees face daily.

*IBM Cyber Security Intelligence Index Report, 2020

When you partner with us for security training:

You retain a recorded copy of the class for training future employees.  

You can now document employee training for: 

  • Cybersecurity insurance policy requirements 
  • Human Resources and proof of policy and procedure training.  
  • Compliance training for regulatory standards or compliance issues.         

Security training is an important part of any security game plan, but it’s often overlooked or pushed aside because no one wants to take the time for one more employee training session or meeting.  Don’t let simple, preventable mistakes cost your organization downtime and money. Check out this video on security training and, schedule an appointment with one of our experts today. 

Meet Corey

Our Chief Information Officer. He's happy to consult with you about your security training needs.