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For most small to medium sized businesses, having an experienced Chief Information Security Officer, or CISO, is a luxury they can’t afford. And yet, they want to grow and need an expert in security who can offer senior level IT consulting.   At Network People we offer that executive security consulting at a fraction of the price you’d pay to have a full-time CISO.




Security consulting is our customized response to your specific security needs.

Cyber criminals continually change their tactics and look for new ways to breach security and steal data. The highest-level threat your network faced last month may not be the same one it’s facing today. A CISO can help you navigate the threat landscape and make recommendations based on your vulnerabilities and highest risks.

When your leadership team needs to make decisions on IT security planning and budgeting, they need an experienced CSIO with a seat at the table to guide them. Our CISO can advise them on the most cost efficient and effective way to proceed and help build a long-term game plan that protects your business. 

Compliance issues and regulatory standards require best practices when it comes to IT security. We hold the HIPAA Seal of Compliance Verification.  If your industry has regulatory standards, our security experts can help make sure you’re in compliance and protecting your clients, patients, and employees.

More than 75% of employees have admitted to taking data with them when they left their companies. Employee turnover is inevitable, but losing valuable data doesn’t have to be. If you’re concerned about losing and protecting confidential, sensitive, or proprietary data, consult with us. 

No two businesses are exactly alike. Depending on your industry and the data you need to protect, you may face complex security issues that need attention from a senior level security expert. If you have concerns, it’s better to meet with our security experts now rather than having to call on our incident response team later.

Chief Information Security Officer

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With Network People, having access to a CISO who knows your IT needs and business strategy is a viable option. Our security experts are happy to meet with you and help you address your specific security concerns.


is our senior-level executive responsible for IT network and asset security. This includes analyzing risk assessments, developing security programs, and recommending solutions that protect your systems and assets from internal and external threats.

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