Security Assessment

Conducting an assessment now and addressing your risks and vulnerabilities can save you time and money down the road. The results of a security assessment become the guide for designing a security strategy that protects you from a costly cyberattack or disaster.  




Degrees of security assessment:

Vulnerability Test

Where are you vulnerable and exposed to threat?  This test is a cursory review of the technical and physical network to discover security issues that leave your business exposed to a threat or catastrophic loss. 

Penetration Test

What would security experts find if they did a detailed technical scan of your network system?  This is an exhaustive test of the security of the organization, using both technical and social aspects to determine the overall security of the business 

Risk Assessment

This assessment analyzes all your vulnerabilities. We identify the specific administrative, technical, and physical aspects of your technology that are under critical threatThis includes a review of systems and policies and interviews with key people in your business.

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