Our Clients

When you partner with us, we make your business our business. These videos shine a spotlight on some of our clients—what they do for their customers, patients, and communities— and how our partnership with them works.

During the pandemic the telehealth option at our office became a reality. To be able to move through these types of appointments and connect with our patients that we were actively treating was beautiful. We made a pledge that we’d continue to do this. Network People came in with Microsoft Teams and helped us to create a single platform which allowed us to use that technology effectively for our patients. 

Dr. Bill Layman, Owner

The profession of architecture has changed from a hand drawn repetitious artform to a technologically advanced profession. If you don’t have the infrastructure, hardware, and software to support what you’re doing with technology, you can’t move forward. We had to have the backing of a company who could tell us what needed to do so we could be on the cutting edge of our profession. Network People helped us do that. 

Jason Jensen, President & Owner

What’s dramatically changed in how we diagnose and treat patients is the incorporation of computers as a part of the way we obtain and store medical records. It’s important to have a managed service provider you can rely on. Network People has made me feel confident in the security of my server and that our computers are up and running, so that I can perform the tasks I need to provide my patients with efficient, quality care. 

Dr. Lee Shettle, Owner

We’re a member-owned cooperative of more than 2000 family owned paint stores throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. We do over 600 thousand transactions a year, so technology is critical. We don’t always know when there is better technology or more efficient ways to do things. Network People keeps us up-to-date.  They’re in tune with our business and constantly updating us on different techniques to use or ways to structure our IT. 

Mike Beaudoin, Executive Vice President

We’re a marketing organization for Christian book retail stores across the country. We’re not a large company, so we certainly don’t have the resources for a full-time IT person on staff. We used to have a technician that came in on a hourly basis. When Network People’s IT services were proposed to us, it just made sense to have that depth of knowledge and experience and more than one tech that would be familiar with our system. Having Network People watching over the changes in technology and our security is essential to us. 

Ania Hansen, Manager of Accounting & Retail Support