Great Looking Outlook Signature From Template – Step by Step

Company Branded Email Signature 

These instructions apply to anyone who wants to edit an email template to add their specific information.

However, the focus here is for people who are updating a personalized email signatures from templates provided by their company for consistent branding.

First Select an Outlook Email Template

Template in Email Body

If you have received an email with the Company template in the body of the email:

  1. Be sure and select Reply to that email so you enter the edit mode
  2. Skip to the Instructions section of this Article below

Template in Word Document

If you received the template as part of a Word attachment then do the following:

  1. Copy the template that is in the word document
    Highlight just the template and press Ctrl+C to copy
  2. Go to Outlook and start a new email message
  3. Press enter a few time in the body of the email then past in (Ctrl+V) the email template you copied in step 1 above here
  4. Proceed to the Instructions section below
  5. If you did not received a template from the company, then download your own from here:  Microsoft Outlook Email signature gallery (

Instructions for Creating Personal Email Signature

In this example we will modify the following Email Signature which is a slightly modified version of a template from Microsoft’s Email signature gallery (

The company email signature template will have the same basic sections as the example one above, but they will be specific to your company and branding.

Follow these steps to customize the template to make it specific to you.

Your Signature from Template – Step by Step

Reminder that if you template was sent to you in an email it is important that you press the Reply option in the email so that you can enter edit mode.  This is needed so you can update your signature.  If your template is in a word document, follow the instructions under the Template in Word Document heading above.

Change Profile Picture

  1. Find the picture you would like to use as your profile and save it where you can find it
  2. Right click on the profile image place holder on the left of the signature
  3. Select Change Picture > This Device

Select your picture and press Insert as shown below

  1. Size the picture as needed by dragging the edge of the picture with your mouse
  2. If you don’t need a circle picture you can skip the next part and go to Change Contact Info.

Change Profile Picture to Circle

  1. If you would like to make your profile picture a circle, follow these additional steps
  2. Click on picture
  3. Click on blue Picture Format item on top menu bar
  4. Click on bottom part of Crop Icon on the far right of menu bar
  5. Click on Shape > Then under Flowchart select the Circle icon

       6. Click on picture again

       7. Click on blue Picture Format

       8. Click on bottom part of Crop Icon again and select Aspect Ratio then select Square 1:1

       9. Change the size of the circle if needed
     Click on the aspect ratio markers (L brackets and dashes surrounding the image)
     Hold down the shift key to keep the aspect ratio as a circle
     And move the mouse in and out to change the size of the circle

             10. Position the image in the circle
            Click in the middle of the picture and move it around to fit in the circle

            Now hold down the shift key and then right click on one of the position boarders on the picture to size the circle you want over the photo

            Example of a good circle image:

Change Contact Information

  1. Change you Name, Title, Direct and Mobile phone numbers
    If you do not want to list a number, delete the entire line
  2. Replace the place holder email address with yours.
    After typing in your email address (before hitting enter) press space on the same line to convert it to a link

                        3. Right click on the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter icons to enter your personal links if needed
                        Select edit link

Past in the direct URL for your profile on each icon

In this example – Facebook link for Adel

                  4. If you do not want to list these icons, delete them by right clicking on the icon and then press the delete key

Set Outlook Signature From the Updated Template – Step by Step

  1. Move your mouse over the completed signature – a small square with arrows inside will appear
    Click on that square to select the entire signature
    If that does not work, highlight the entire signature manually
  2. Press Ctrl+C to copy the signature
  3. Load Outlook
  4. Click on Home in the top menu bar if needed
  5. Click the New Email icon on top left of the Home tab
  6. From the messages tab of the new email, click on the Signature Icon in the middle of the ribbon
  7. Select Signatures…

         8. Click on New

         9. For the name of this signature, type in your name or initials and click OK

         10. Click in the Body area of the Signature

        11. Enter your email closing lines such as “Thanks, Adel” then press enter two times to insert a couple of blank lines

        12. Press Ctrl-V to paste in your new signature

        13. In the E-Mail account: box on the top right, make sure the correct email account is selected that you will be using for this signature

        14. In the New messages: drop down on the top right area, select the new Signature you just created

        15. If you would like to use this signature for Replies/forwards then select the signature you just created in that drop box as well

        16. Click Save

        17. Click OK


        18. Close the new email window by clicking on the x on the top right of the window and say No to saving changes

       Your new email signature should now be all set.

Test Your New Signature

  1. Click on Home in the top menu bar if needed
  2. Click the New Email icon on top left of the Home tab
  3. Your new signature should have automatically appeared at the bottom of the email
  4. In the Subject line enter a Subject such as Signature now setup and be sure and add the following tag: #signaturedone

           5. Send the email to the coordinator who is leading the roll out of the new company signatures

Signature Done!

Congratulations! – you should now be all set with a professional and consistent email signature.

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