Managed Security for MSPs

Persistent Threat Protection

What is Managed Security?

It’s is a viable option for MSPs and their clients who need advanced security measures but can’t afford the services of an MSSP.

We start by addressing your security needs to make sure your business is protected. Then, we partner with you to address your client’s security needs so you can focus on managing their IT.

Services Provided 

Vulnerability scanning and remediation assistance

Risk prioritization

Alert management

Indication of compromise response 

Managed incident response 

Security Hardening Automation (SHA)

CISO consulting 

Why Managed Security for Your Business?

  • MSSPs are expensive and may be out of reach because they own and manage: 24X7 SOC, security engineers, remediation
  • Takes you to the next level of security without the cost and commitment of becoming an MSSP or hiring one
  • Guide your team to better security and keep you up to date
  • You have a CISO and team of security experts at your disposal when you need them
  • Protect your own house first and then partner with us to offer security services to your clients

Why partner with Network People to offer Managed Security to your clients?

Becoming an MSSP takes time, money, training, hiring and retaining security professionals. Managed Security lets you focus on what you do best as an MSP.

  • Resell managed security to your clients, and you earn up to 36% GM recurring revenue
  • You retain customer ownership while we augment the security capability you offer
  • You increase your value to existing and future clients
  • You keep potential competitors at bay
  • You have a loyal partner protecting your client relationship