Incident Response

If your security is breached, you will need experts who can guide you through a cybersecurity crisis. We have a team of professional security engineers with significant incident response experience who have worked on cases throughout the United States.  




What is Incident Response?

Incident response is a coordinated process of dealing with a cyber attack, breach, or threat to your network. Do you have an experienced cyber security team you can turn to if your business is breached? Check out this video. Learn more about what our incident response team does to protect businesses like yours during a cyber attack. 

Do you think your business has been hacked?

Here's what we'll do during a security incident response

Isolate the system and the threat

The first step of an incident response is to limit the amount of damage done to your organization. We'll prevent it from getting worse by first isolating the system and threat.

Identify the threat and negotiate

We Identify where the threat is coming from and how to negotiate with the cybercriminals based on their “signature” and prior cyber attacks.  

Provide senior level counsel

Our CSIO and IR team will counsel your leaders, advising them on exactly what to do and say in this crisis. This includes communicating with all parties involved.

Advise and lead your team

We guide your team at all levels in the organization throughout the attack, its resolution, and the restoration process. This helps to prevent a second attack through missed steps.

Conduct forensic analysis

Incident response requires a digital forensic analysis. We'll collect data about the attack that can be used to protect your business in the future.

Get you back up and running

Our goal is to make sure your business and team members are up and running as securely and as quickly as possible.