Instructions for your Technology in preparation for Hurricane Ian

Network People has been tracking hurricane Ian over the weekend and based on the latest 11am update from NWS we are issuing the following recommendations:  

Storm Track Update:  

  • Hurricane Ian’s track at the moment is not solid but the Tampa Bay area can confidently expect tropical storm and hurricane conditions and storm surge within the next 48 hours. 
  • Tropical storm conditions expected to begin around 8pm Tuesday night  
  • Hurricane conditions beginning on Wednesday morning  


Network People recommends:  


Network People best practice is to shut off your servers 3 hours before tropical storm conditions arrive. This means server shutoffs would begin after 5pm Tuesday. Network People will shut down your servers following that best practice at 5pm Tuesday based on the current storm track.  (Note, if we are predicted to only have tropical storm conditions throughout the storm, we will choose not to shutdown the servers.)   

IF you do not want Network People to shut down your servers, reach out to us today by 5:00 pm to discuss your plans.    

If the situation changes, we will send updates.  


We will be sending updates with the following methods: 


  1. We will be sending updates via email. 


      2. We will post status of our office, our team, and hours of operation on our website 


What we need from you: 


  1. If you have not sent it to us yet, please send in the emergency cell contact information for who you want notified. 


      2. If you do not want your server shutdown regardless of storm conditions, update us as soon as possible. 



What to expect: 

Office hours: 

Tuesday:  We will remain open for normal business hours provided no change to the storm track.   

Wednesday: Network People will be open for limited emergency assistance. Phones will remain staffed.  However, staffing will be limited as our people take care of their families and evacuate according to government recommendations.  

Thursday: Normal operations will resume as soon as conditions allow.  

Onsite support will stop during tropical storm conditions and will resume as soon as it is safe to travel.  


How to prepare your computers: 


  1. Turn off your computers (Network People will turn off all servers)


  1. Turn off Workstation battery backups.  Do not turn off battery backups in the Server Room.


  1. We do NOT recommend moving your computer equipment to higher ground. There is good logic for this recommendation:

Preparing for the possible storm by moving all computers means every team member is 100% down. It’s time consuming.  In addition, we’ve had clients do this in the past and their computers broke in the process.  (Computers can be temperamental 😊.)  The storm may pass without any damage but if you move computers, you’re guaranteed downtime and we want to avoid that. Insurance is the right way to manage this risk, not moving hardware.  

We recommend you print off a copy of your insurance policy and any other digital documents you may need (patient schedules, appointments, contact lists, etc.) in the case of being unable to access power or internet.  


Resuming after the storm: 

When the storm has cleared and power is restored, call our office.  We will walk you through the power-on procedure for the server hardware.   

Please consider preparations you need to make to keep you and your family safe if our area is affected by severe weather.  If you haven’t done so already, please review your safety plans, gather necessary supplies and communicate your plans with family and friends.   

Pinellas County Emergency Management provides preparedness information on their website: 

Our contact information: 


Critical issues: please call 727-446-4564. 

General inquiries: 

Create tickets: 

See website for latest updates.