Government Cyber Security

Public administration, including municipalities, was identified as the industry with highest number of security breaches in the United States according to the 2021 Verizon Data Breach Report. When it comes to government cyber security, we know the stakes are high. Does your city have a comprehensive cyber security defense plan in place?

Our team of security engineers and analysts will work with your IT department to provide the extra layer of security you need to protect your citizens and city’s assets. Schedule an appointment to meet with our experts at no cost to you.  

Every day you rely on technology to deliver services to your citizens. Are you doing enough to protect them and your network systems?  

Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security is a comprehensive cyber security defense plan. It’s the protection your IT systems need against the persistent threat of cybercriminals. This video explains what managed security is and how it strengthens government cyber security.

Our Managed Security Includes

Managed incident response

Vulnerability scanning

Alerts, reviews and recommendations

Remediation, direction, and assistance

CISO consulting

Prioritize security risks

Detect and review indications of compromise

Optional: 7 Security Operating Center / SIEM

Incident Response

Incident response is a coordinated process of dealing with a cyber attack, breach, or threat to your network. Check out this video. Learn more about what our incident response team does to protect your data, network systems, and citizens during a cyber attack.  

Our Incident Response Team Will

Isolate  your system and the threat 

Identify the threat and negotiate

Provide senior level counsel 

Advise and lead your team at all levels 

Get your systems back up and running

Conduct forensic analysis 

Incident Response Team

If your security is breached, you will need experts who can guide you through a cyber security crisis.  Our team of professional security engineers have significant experience managing live cyber attacks. They’ve worked on cases throughout the U. S. and Canada and with a variety of companies including clients of Lloyd's of London.  They will partner with your IT team during a security incident and guide you through the crisis.


Elias is the CISO for Network People. He brings more than 25 years of technical and leadership experience to the table as an IT security professional. His security expertise includes: Large scale incident response management across multiple industries; Risk assessment and analysis; Security program design and implementation; and Security awareness training. He carries multiple certifications, including security focused OSCP and GSEC. As a senior leader, he understands the challenges of the current business landscape and effectively communicates technical issues with all levels of an organization.


Hunt is Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Network People. A senior technology leader with over 30-year track record of driving technology roadmaps, developing innovative secure systems, managing security, and streamlining operational processes. Such solutions range from large scale digital signage systems to highly regulated high volume international IT solutions for multinational financial operations. Proven change agent, Hunt is known for maintaining high degrees of customer satisfaction, collaborating with partners and vendors to achieve common security and strategic goals and mentoring high performing senior leaders and technical teams on and offshore. As Mayor of the City of Belleair Bluffs, he was known as the “voice of reason.”


Jan is a Senior Engineer for Network People. A dedicated professional with experience in nearly every aspect of computing. He has decades of invaluable experience with a myriad of operating systems, software packages, and networking technologies. A hands on engineer, Jan moves from managing teams for large scale deployments down to quickly handling the detail levels of patching security holes, writing firewall rules, or adjusting routing parameters. Jan continually works with his teams to investigate and remediate any potential security holes, issues, or incidents that may arise.