Have questions? We've got answers.

How fast is your resolution time?

At Network People we talk in terms of resolution time instead of response time because we know that what matters most to our clients is that the problem or need is resolved as soon as possible. Here are some of our average resolution times for three different tiers or types of service needs:  

Our Critical resolution time = 24 minutes: Critical service tickets involve situations where no one can use the system, the server is down or the power is out.  

Our High Priority resolution time = 4.6 hours: High resolution tickets includes times when a key employee or group within your organization is unable to use their system for some reason. 

Our Scheduled resolution times = 21 hours, less than 3 business days: Scheduled jobs include tasks such as installing a new laptop or desktop.  

Do you service on nights and weekends?

Yes. Our regular office hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday – Friday. But we have an on-call service ready when you need to reach us. A live person will take your call and reach out to one of our on-call engineers who will then contact you and address your critical issues. 

How much will it cost?

Our Active IT Managed plan starts at a base price of $83 per user per month. . For more information on the costs of these plans, check out our pricing page.

What is an MSP?

MSP stands for managed service provider. An MSP manages the IT network, applications, infrastructure, and security for businesses and typically provides onsite and remote support. Most managed service providers offer their services for a flat monthly fee. 

What is a managed firewall?

A firewall is an IT security device that monitors the network traffic coming in and going out. It will block traffic based on a set security parameters.  It can be either hardware, software, or both. A managed firewall is  maintained by an managed service provider. It can be customized and configured to ensure that your entire network is safeguarded at all times. Because they are managing the firewall, they can update with security patches whenever there is a need to do so.

How will your organization keep me secure?

Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind as hackers have become more skilled and breaches more common. This is especially true during this Covid-19 pandemic when more employees are working from home. At Network People we focus on your security in three key ways 

First, Cybersecurity training. In the last four months alone, our IT engineer and sales teams have undergone more than 245 hours of security training.  

Second, Prevention, detection, and response are how we protect your critical data. Keeping it confidential, and yet accessible to your organization, is our priority. 

Third, Consulting and advising. Cybersecurity requires vigilance. We’ll continually consult with you and advise as to what you need to do to maintain the integrity of your IT security.  

Are your agreements flat fee or hourly?

Our fees are based on agreements in which we include as many services as we can for a price that’s fair for you and for us. Often when customers have to pay hourly for an issue, it discourages them from calling for help, or they may question the amount of time it takes for a job to be completed. With a flat fee, the goal for the client and for Network People is to resolve issues quickly. Infrastructure or project work may require a separate flat fee or hourly fee depending upon the work that is done.

What is a disaster recovery ready offsite back-up?

Offsite backup is the replication of the data to a server which is separated geographically from the original server/system.

Do you work with clients outside of Florida? What is your area of service?

We provide remote support in all 50 states and Canada.

Our engineers service onsite in Central Florida. 

We have a national partnership that allows us to provide onsite support to nearly all cities in the continental US and guaranteed fast response in all major cities. 

Do you offer more advanced cyber security services?

Network People is a unique managed service provider in that we have a security division made up of highly qualified and experienced cyber security experts. We know that most businesses can’t afford a managed security service provider (MSSP) and yet they need and want an extra layer of protection. We offer an affordable managed security plan that gives you access to experts with significant experience remediating security breaches. 

Do I get a dedicated technician?

No. Dedicated technicians are a great idea until they can’t be there when you need them. Afterall, they’re only human. With more than 25 years of experience, we’ve found that a centralized dispatcher, who can take your service request, address your priority needs, and get your service ticket to the IT engineer or technician with the experience and skill needed to resolve the problem, offers the fastest, most consistent service and makes for the most satisfied client. 


How do I switch from our current company to yours?

This is a four-week process involving two-weeks for onboarding and two weeks of working with you to make sure we have all the information we need to meet your IT needs. This include learning about your users, passwords, vendors, the different systems within your network, and doing the network mapping necessary so that any of our engineers can address your service needs at any time. 

Will you work with our internal IT employees?

Yes. Many times we partner with the internal IT Team to help with projects, IT Management, Managed Security, or other high end skillsets that they may not have internally.