Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. –Nelson Mandela

With the current estimated cost of Cybercrime being over $4 billion a year, the importance of your awareness is no joke.  Keeping your assets safe starts with you – and knowing what you’re dealing with is key.

Locks for Web

I just read a few articles that really opened my eyes to the importance of understanding just how complex hacker’s threats are these days. If you and your team know what hackers are capable of it will be easier to do your part to keep your company safe.

Security training is the most important key.   The reason for this is that the weakest link in an organization is at the endpoint – you and I reading this. It’s the users who have the ability to be the best wall of security for an organization – and also the biggest concern. The more you can educate your team on awareness the safer your company will be.