Cyber Security

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Cyber criminals don’t just target the “big guys.” Every business, no matter their size, is fair game. When you’re a small to medium sized business, every client counts. You want to protect them, your data, and your business. 

At Network People, we believe you deserve the same access to IT security services, experts, and consulting as larger businesses. That’s why we offer a variety of IT security services to address your specific needs. Check out this overview of our security services.

Do you need a comprehensive, strategic security plan for your business? Active IT Managed Security is that plan: Ongoing monitoring, scanning, alerts, reviews, consulting, incident remediation. It’s all   implemented  by our team of experienced security experts.

coordinated process for dealing with a cyberattack, a security breach, or threats to your IT systems. This response is led by our seasoned team of cyberattack defenders who remediate the breach, recover data, and restore your network system. 

We Identify your physical, administrative, and technical IT assets. Then we analyze them for threats, vulnerabilities, and potential outcomes of a security incident or disaster. The results can be used to create a comprehensive security plan for your business. 

Senior level consulting with an experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) that addresses your specific security concerns and needs.  

Cyber security is only as strong as your weakest link. We customize security education for your team based on your most pressing security concerns.  

Meet with our experts. They’ll help you create a plan that protects your team and clients and secures your business.  

Keeping our clients secure.