Cyber Security Awareness Training frequently asked questions. 

  1. The #1 way threat actors (hackers) are breaching networks is still via email as a con artist – getting users to click links and share sensitive information 
  2. No matter how many security tools and policies we deploy, the best way to prevent breaches is through educating users 
  3. Cyber Security Training for users has to be interesting and QUICK or users won’t do it and companies won’t pay for it

Each user needs a license to receive the training to their emails – it is recommended that each user completes the training which will greatly decrease the chances of a cyberattack in your organization.

Each month releases a new “episode” and walks the users through a test.  It manages the scores and produces reports for compliance.  

That would not be very useful or help for compliance. Videos are released each month to keep security and vigilance top of mind for all users.

They will receive videos each month and it is best that they keep up with them as they are released; However, the user could let all the videos wait until the end of the year and complete them all in one month. This is not recommended.

Each episode is about 5-10 minutes long.

Each user receives a separate login to access their videos as they are released – they all will receive the same monthly video, but some may choose to do them immediately and some may not.

We will provide you with monthly reports of who has completed the training and who has not.

Here’s a sneak peak of some Cyber Security Awareness tips…