How to join a Teams meeting on mobile

business woman holding mobile phone with blank black screen

Running late? Let’s learn how to join a Teams meeting on mobile so we can can meet easily from anywhere. We’ve all had those moments when we’re either stuck in traffic or our laptop quits working right before an important Team’s meeting -no reason to panic though. You can grab your phone and join the […]

Scheduling a meeting in Teams

Happy young woman on a video call

Did you know you could schedule a meeting without ever leaving Microsoft Teams? It’s simple! And it works seamlessly with your Outlook calendar.  First, click on  “calendar” on the left panel.  Next, double click on the time slot of when you want to schedule the meeting.  Fill out your meeting details.  Once you’ve filled out […]

How to share computer audio in Teams

Black student discussing with university team during online videocall meeting conference

Are you having trouble sharing audio when you’re in a Microsoft Teams meeting? There is a simple way to share your computer audio and make you feel like a pro when leading meetings.   You will only be able to share audio if you are sharing your screen. To start, click the screen share arrow shown […]