How to Highlight All Important Emails in Outlook

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Highlight Important Emails Sent Just to You by Using Color Codes Setting up outlook to color code emails where you are the only one on the To line is a great way to quickly highlight important emails you need to check.    The process described here can also be used to identify other important emails, […]

Resolve Teams Calls Dropping in Microsoft Voice

There is a “New Meeting Experience” setting in Teams that may cause Team calls to drop. This issue can be resolved by turning this setting off. How to Turn Off New Meeting Experience in Teams Turn off New Meeting Experience in Teams In teams, click on your login image or picture at top right of […]

4 Ways to Increase Collaboration for Your Remote Workforce

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With social distancing guidelines, government restrictions and serious concerns over a health crisis, businesses worldwide have had to adapt to the times, including allowing all non-essential employees to work from home. Learn how to increase collaboration for your remote workforce.

How to Create a Desktop Shortcut to a OneNote Section

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Create Shortcut to Onenote Section Here is the step by setup process for creating a shortcut to your workbook section. Open your Notebook with the Section Needed Click on the top notebook name to see the list of your notebooks Open the notebook with the page that contains your section Get the Link to the […]

Quick Start – Setting up Microsoft To Do

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Overview of Microsoft To Do This article will provide a brief overview of the key parts of To Do and then show you how to integrate with Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Outlook, and how to dictate tasks into your list from your devices or computer. Microsoft To Do comes with a primary list called Task […]