Here is WHY you Should Apply for The Florida Local Government Cybersecurity Grant Program – And It’s Not Too Late!

Why you should apply for Florida Cyber Grants

Executive Summary Florida has allocated $30 million for cybersecurity funding to equip local governments with cybersecurity capabilities.  What is Funded: All applications are eligible for access and incident response support from the State Cybersecurity Operations Center (SCOC) – this is significant (described below) and worth filling out the form if only for this capability. Next […]

6 Signs You Need a New IT Company

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In today’s digital economy, technology is vital for businesses of all sizes and industries. For growing companies, outsourcing technology service and support is often a smart and cost-effective solution. But what happens when you suspect the IT provider you’ve hired isn’t doing what they promised? In this article, we identify six potential red flags to look for as you take stock of your current relationship with your IT provider.

Business Owner’s IT Services Buyers Guide

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Finding the right IT service provider is essential for fast growing companies. No matter the industry, businesses today should leverage technology to boost employee productivity, serve customers better, and improve the overall bottom line. Some argue that technology is the most important area of differentiation for companies of every size, regardless of industry. But what are the best ways to leverage technology for growth? Part of the answer is to rely on the services of an outsourced IT service provider.

Hackers Love the Holidays

Hackers love the holidays. Everyone loves a long holiday weekend, especially hackers. While you and your team are busy preparing for holiday celebrations-wrapping up presents at home and projects at work-hackers are ramping up their efforts to hack into your network and steal a few presents of their own. Why do they love long holiday weekends?   Team members take time off: Hackers know there are […]

QR Code Security: To scan or not to scan

Qr code digital payment at coffee shop

QR Code Security: To scan or not to scan QR codes are more popular than ever. This is especially true in the food service and entertainment industries given efforts to decrease contact touch points during the pandemic. They’ve replaced menus in restaurants and promotional materials. You’ll find them on posters, brochures, and postcards in the mail. I just scanned one at church last week to fill out a survey. […]

Brand Phishing Emails: How to tell they’re fake

Beware of Phishing Scam Emails - Concept - Computer Keyboard with red key that says PHISHING SCAM

Email phishing attacks [fraudulent emails attempting to get personal information or gain access to a network]  significantly increased when the pandemic hit in 2020. While many of us worked from home, cyber criminals seized the opportunity to find more victims. Phishing attempts increased from 25% to 36% in frequency (Verizon 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report). […]

Apple Device Security Alert

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Spyware Security Alert: Update Your Apple Devices ASAP The most recent update from Apple will protect you from a zero-touch or zero-click vulnerability that a private security firm has found. This vulnerability allows your Apple devices to be infected with Pegasus, an advanced form of spyware, without you ever having to click or touch a […]

Managed IT Security: What is it? Who needs it?

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Cyber security is a hot topic these days. Any business can be attacked. This includes small to medium sized businesses (SMB). Security breach statistics prove it. The distance between the number of large business and small business breaches is closing. If you think you’re not a financial target because you’re an SMB, think again. According […]