What is the best laptop?

Businesswoman working on laptop

What is the best laptop? Looking for a new laptop? That can be a daunting task. There are so many options and so many reviews. Where do you even start? We can help!  After buying thousands of different laptops over the years, we recommend Lenovo.*  We have had an excellent experience with their hardware. The […]

4 Ways to Increase Collaboration for Your Remote Workforce

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With social distancing guidelines, government restrictions and serious concerns over a health crisis, businesses worldwide have had to adapt to the times, including allowing all non-essential employees to work from home. Learn how to increase collaboration for your remote workforce.

vCIO Remote Meeting Topics

Business Meeting with Remote Participation

Due to COVID-19, vCIO Meetings Will be Remote Network People President and CIO Discuss Remote Meeting approach and the key topics that will be covered during the COVID-19 impact. Key Topics Include Security Training Managing and motivating your work force best practices When having virtual meetings, having the camera on is one approach that helps […]