The best tablet? Nate Freeman reviews the Apple iPad

MOCKUP IPAD PRO 12.9 Portrait with Apple Pencil #158

Recently, I was asked by my Aunt to recommend the best tablet. Aunt: We are looking at buying a tablet and when I’m looking at all of the different ones, I’m blown away at how little I know. We would like a more portable “computer” but bigger than our phones that can access email, Facebook, Google info, […]

Four Criticals in Four Hours

Digital alarm clock

Four Criticals in Four hours is not just something that falls into place. Every employee works in tandem to ensure critical service tickets are closed as quickly and efficiently as possible. We spoke with Ryan our head dispatcher to explain to us a little about how he sets the foundation for closing these tickets. “My […]

Well Defined Success is Key

Planning is a key to success.

We recently asked our team what they thought it would look like to have the best IT Company. We had 24 intriguing answers. One of them was “Well defined success”. This one really hit home with me because I’ve experienced that myself. If you give someone a task that they don’t fully understand they will […]

The Busiest Man In The World

Busy come busy go

It might look to some as though my boss is the busiest man in the world. After all, who has time to eat when there are agreements to write up? But I propose to you that he is not busy – but intentional. There is a huge difference. Busy people tend to feel like they […]