What is the best laptop?

What is the best laptop?

Looking for a new laptop? That can be a daunting task. There are so many options and so many reviews. Where do you even start? We can help!

 After buying thousands of different laptops over the years, we recommend Lenovo.*  We have had an excellent experience with their hardware. The laptop rarely fails, and when it does, the support to resolve the issue is outstanding. They have many levels of laptops from low-cost entry-level machines all the way up to high end business versions.

The questions to ask yourself when buying a laptop are:

  1. What kind of money do I want to spend? Laptops can be as inexpensive as $300-400 and go up in price from there. If you’re buying anything under $600 you need to realize you’re buying what we call “throw away” models. This means they may not last very long, and when they break, it’s easier just to replace them.
  2. What size do I want? Thin and light or large screen and heavy? In our opinion, the determination of this depends on what exactly you will be using the laptop for. Will it be more stationary, or will you be traveling and moving it around more often? If you are commuting or traveling with it, then you will want to go thin and light. If it’s going to sit on the same desk most of the time, then a larger display will be better. You will also want to consider if you’ll use it on a couch in your lap. Size will matter then as well.
  3. What features are important to me? Touch screen, flip screen, docking station, capable etc.

We find that the Lenovo Carbon X1 is one of the best. It is on the higher end of business laptops, but it is super lightweight and has true docking station compatibility which makes it great for someone on the go! Ultimately, it’s up to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

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*We don’t get rebates or make money off of selling or recommending Lenovo.