Four Criticals in Four Hours

Four Criticals in Four hours is not just something that falls into place. Every employee works in tandem to ensure critical service tickets are closed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We spoke with Ryan our head dispatcher to explain to us a little about how he sets the foundation for closing these tickets.

“My first step when I am notified a client has a critical issue is to identify the complexity of the issue and determine what is the minimum employee skill level needed to resolve the issue.

For example:  if a client has a server down, but the resolution takes minimal skill, then it is more financially advantageous for the company for me to assign the ticket to a lower level computer tech than a Senior level engineer.

Once we have determined what resources are capable of handling the situation, I look at the schedule to see which employee’s schedule will be less disrupted if they were to be assigned this ticket.

For example: Employee 1 has his schedule 80% full but has 3 firm meetings with clients, whereas employee 2 may have his schedule 95% full but has all tentative tickets that can be easily rescheduled. The best option in this scenario is to use employee 2. This is for two reasons. 1: This allows us to avoid rescheduling a set appointment and possibly upsetting a client. 2. By not having to call to reschedule appointments, we save more administrative overhead time being spent than necessary.

Once the engineer has been assigned to the ticket, I work to help them start the ticket as quickly as possible. Often this is calling the contact for a ticket they are currently working on and notifying them of the situation. It is also important to protect the engineer as they are working on a critical issue. This is done by helping them minimize distractions both internally and externally. This means not sending client calls over to them and helping our internal staff with things they would normally go to the engineer for.”


Wow! That’s impressive executing. We’d love to hear what you think! How do you ensure that your company is fully utilizing time and breaking records?