The Busiest Man In The World

It might look to some as though my boss is the busiest man in the world. After all, who has time to eat when there are agreements to write up? But I propose to you that he is not busy – but intentional. There is a huge difference. Busy people tend to feel like they are always busy, but never accomplish anything, whereas, intentional people have a purpose and a direction behind every action they take. Everything they do is thought out and there is a reason for it. Once you realize this truth, it is not hard to shift your own perspective into calling yourself an intentional person.


Sit down and write out your vision of where you want to see yourself and your business in five years. Then focus on doing the tasks that will get you to that point and don’t be distracted by anything else along the way. There are many things that are not important to your end goal. But, because we have the mindset of “being busy” we allow them to move themselves onto our task list. Some of us, myself included, like to always be on the go. Always doing something, always improving something – but watch-out. That is the ground on which our focus wavers. Keep your intentions focused and then run with them.

You have time for everything if you manage your time well. Think of it this way – say you work full time and don’t think you don’t have time to go back to school .. but you have time to finish all four seasons of Black Mirror in the evenings. It’s all about priorities.

At the end of the day there is nothing more satisfying than having had a productive day that has brought you a step closer to your end goal.

What are some ways you manage all of your responsibilities?

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