Active IT Premium

This managed IT service plan offers more support, strategy, and security. Active IT Premium is for the leader who knows that technology is a key to their success. It’s not just an expense; it’s an investment in their business growth.  With this plan, you’ll receive the guidance you need to leverage technology and maximize efficiency, security, compliance and growth in your organization. 

The Premium plan includes everything in the Managed plan plus:

  • Executive level IT consulting with our CSIO, CTO, & CIO for budgeting, security consulting, & strategic planning that aligns your use of technology with your business goals
  • Advanced security monitoring & tools
  • Increased IT support that covers more devices per user

Active IT Premium Pricing

New per user price starts at $100

10 users, single office, one server = $2259 a month

  • 10 users = $1000 (10 computers) 
  • 10 Advanced Security toolset licenses: $154 
  • 10 MS 365 Business Professional licenses $200 
  • Cloud server w/ active directory & OneDrive $100  
  • Local File Server: $350 
  • Environment fee: $215 
  • 1 managed backup (redundant DC: EC/WC): $150 
  • Managed Firewall: $50 
  • Backup of all 365 Mailboxes, Office Data, OneDrive, User Data: $40 
  • Optional: Add $200 for MS Voice to replace your phone bill  

50 users, two offices and two servers = $8558 a month

  • Includes Disaster Recovery ready off-site back-up in two data centers out-of-state 
  • Optional add-on expense for MS Voice to replace your phone 

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