Active IT Managed Security

Managed IT Security is our comprehensive security defense plan. It offers persistent threat protection against cybercriminals who are always learning and creating new ways to breach organizations. If you want to protect your organization, you need a team on your side that is just as creative and knowledgeable managing your security defense. 

*2020 study conducted by Bullgard  

Forty-three percent* of small to medium sized business leaders don’t have any type of security defense plan in place, much less a comprehensive security plan to protect their business. Those leaders who do have a plan may not be getting the protection they need. Managed Security is our answer to this problem. Check out this video to learn more.     

Prevent. Detect. Analyze. Respond.

What you get with our Managed Security

Ongoing scanning and monitoring of your IT system for vulnerabilities using state-of-the-art security tools that detect if you’ve been compromised.

When new or greater risks are identified, we alert you and give a review and recommendation for next steps.

Access to our team of security experts and engineers. They have significant experience managing live attacks from cybercriminals and security incident responses.

If you are breached, you receive senior level remediation, direction, and coaching for your internal IT team.

Executive level CISO consulting for your organization: Someone to prioritize your risks, so you know what to work on next.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive security plan led by a team of experienced security experts, schedule an appointment with one of our experts to talk about Red N Managed Security.

Our Active IT Managed Security Team Leaders


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Chief Operating Officer